Stacking and layering jewelry. Mix and match, it’s all about choices!

Stacking jewelry, layering necklaces, bracelets and rings has become a huge fashion trend and it is easier than you think. The ole saying less is more, doesn’t really apply anymore. Choose textures and metals that complement one another or take your favorite piece and layer it up for a dramatic change. Be as bold, elegant, or as feminine as you want. Mix and match, it’s all about choices!


Layering & Stacking Rings

To get the desired look, stack rings on one or two fingers and leave the other fingers ring free. Move your pieces around until you have the look you adore. From thin bangles to diamond bands, it is totally up to you what you choose. Mix and match the rose gold, silver and golds for a fashionable designer look. The options are endless.


Layering & Stacking Necklaces

You have probably seen this trend, and with a little help it is easier to pull off than you imagined. Once you start layering your necklaces, chances are you won’t go back. Layer your necklaces about an inch or two apart and be cautious about getting them tangled. Try a pendant necklace or two and leave the others without. Layer dainty, delicate necklaces or go bold with chunky necklaces and bolder pieces for a modern look like an Egyptian queen.


Layering & Stacking Bracelets

Stacking bracelets is nothing new, this trend has been going on for years. From thin to thick bangles, tennis bracelets, pearl bracelets and everything in between. Mix and match, take your favorite bracelet and add layers for a dramatic new look.


Images provided from Sethi Couture